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Personal Trainer Dublin – 5 Minute Six Pack ABS Workout

This is a fantastic Abdominal and core exercise! This engages your transverse abdomini (in other words your core) and abs into action working on strength and stability 😉

If you want to get your overall strength and stability up including six pack abs I would suggest doing this as a supplement exercise at least 3 times per week! 😉

Ok how to perform the exercise –

For a novice or beginner maybe start off with five 2.5 kg plates but for more advanced use 3×2.5kg, 4x5kg and 1x10kg..

Pile the weights either on the left or right side of you before you start. There are a few variations which I will do a few videos of another time! 😉

Make sure to keep your bum up a little so as not to put pressure on your lower back while doing the exercise.

Also try not to rock your hips while performing the exercise. The more stable you keep your body the better results you will get from the exercise 😉 As a personal trainer I am always emphasizing this to my personal training clients in the ABS Gym Personal Training Studio in Temple Bar.

Try time yourself each time you do the exercise so you can try beat your previous time! 🙂

As you can see it’s as simple as passing the plates across from one side to the other but it’s such an effective exercise!

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