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Personal Trainer Dublin – 5 Minute Six Pack ABS Workout

This is a fantastic Abdominal and core exercise! This engages your transverse abdomini (in other words your core) and abs into action working on strength and stability 😉

If you want to get your overall strength and stability up including six pack abs I would suggest doing this as a supplement exercise at least 3 times per week! 😉

Ok how to perform the exercise –

For a novice or beginner maybe start off with five 2.5 kg plates but for more advanced use 3×2.5kg, 4x5kg and 1x10kg..

Pile the weights either on the left or right side of you before you start. There are a few variations which I will do a few videos of another time! 😉

Make sure to keep your bum up a little so as not to put pressure on your lower back while doing the exercise.

Also try not to rock your hips while performing the exercise. The more stable you keep your body the better results you will get from the exercise 😉 As a personal trainer I am always emphasizing this to my personal training clients in the ABS Gym Personal Training Studio in Temple Bar.

Try time yourself each time you do the exercise so you can try beat your previous time! 🙂

As you can see it’s as simple as passing the plates across from one side to the other but it’s such an effective exercise!

For more cool training videos on how to get the best six pack abs log onto my website and sign up for FRE.E

Also check out my blog on my website for more tips on training, nutrition and personal training services in my Gym in Temple Bar;-)

Darragh Hayes
Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Personal Training
The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Temple Bar


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Personal Trainer Dublin Bicep Workout

This is a great way to finish of the biceps at the end of a session! The reason being is you are restricted in your movement and therefore you don’t swing your body to get the bar up when you start to fatigue! 😉 cool eh?

So grab a mat and a barbell and give it a go! You’ll love it!.. I know I do!.. It’s actually torturous! Haha

What you can also do to mix it up a little is do 3 different sets of partial reps..

So from the peak of the bicep curl down to halfway.. Reps x 5

Then let your arms fully extend and go halfway up.. Reps x 5

Then full reps to failure! = torture 🙂

For more cool personal trainer dublin tips on training and nutrition go to my website and check out my blog!

Darragh Hayes
Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Training, The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Temple Bar Dublin 2.

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Metabolic Tyre Flips – Personal Trainer Dublin

Yesterday myself and a friend of mine “Rocky” decided to throw our new toy around in the ABS Gym in Temple Bar..

We had already done a full body Lumberjack and abs circuit so we are little tired at this stage.. May aswell burn some extra bodyfat eh!! 🙂

We decided to do 10 flips each x4 which initially we thought would be relatively easy for us but by god were we proven wrong!!!

Because you are going straight from a squat and pulling position straight into a pushing position you literally use your whole body..

Man my legs, abs, arms and back were on fire! 🙂 love it!..

If you can get your hands on a tractor tyre give it a go, it’s great fun and a savage full body metabolic exercise! 😉

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Just Ask…

I love my job as a Personal Trainer. I am forever telling people to just “Ask for help”..

Its great to see the health and fitness industry in Ireland growing. The public gyms are packed and people seem to be taking better care of themselves…

Well they are trying…

You see, the odds are stacked against you.

Most of the people in the gym that are in decent shape or are experienced trainees are performing advanced exercises.

Then novice trainees enter the gym and see the advanced exercises and deem them suitable for them

i.e they jump in the deep end…

Little do they know, in order to get to that level the experienced trainee didn’t start doing his/her current programme. And you shouldn’t start doing his/her current programme either… you need a beginners programme. 😉

Whether you want to gain muscle or lose fat you have to take into consideration that YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT TRAINING.. DON’T DO THE USUAL MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO!! If need be GET A PERSONAL TRAINER

Its true…

Would you just jump in a car and go driving?

NO, you would hire a driving instructor…

Would you jump in a swimming pool, having never learned to swim?

NO…. You would hire a ………..? Exactly you see where I’m going with this right?

Do you want to look like this in the gym?

Didn’t think so…

If you want to make serious progress in the gym and really take your body to the next level you need to

1. Stop copying the eejit in the corner doing tricep kick backs 🙂 I love them haha 😀

2. Drop the ego and ask someone who knows more than you.

Hire a professional such as a Personal Trainer 😉

3. Don’t be embarrassed! It’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. If you don’t know you don’t know!

It’s better than spending all of that time in the gym, getting no results and growing continually frustrated. Ultimately people then get so fed up that they quit! 😦

We all had to start somewhere! I didn’t just wake up one day with this physique!

It took time, perseverance, determination and the WANT to learn, to improve, so I asked people that knew more than me.. At the time! Ha 🙂

It really gets to me when I hear people say, “I train so hard and I’ve trained for so long but I just don’t see the results I want!…

Hmmm I wonder why?

Because you train like an antelope! Doing stupid exercises that make no sense and then spending an hour on a treadmill..

I often say to myself come on people have you no common sense.. Stop saying “why am I getting no results” and then go and continually do the same idiotic things in the gym!


For instance only last week I see some guy on a standing calf raise machine doing squats and then gets off holding his lower back in pain!.. Grrrrrrrrr..

I just wanted to shout at him and say please stop making an idiot out of yourself! I didn’t of course 🙂
but I would have gladly helped him if he JUST ASKED! 😉

This is why going to someone like a personal trainer is not a cost or an expense.

Don’t get me wrong it isn’t cheap but at the end of the day, is it results you want right?? or do you just want to continue with the monkey see monkey do attitude?

I didn’t think so!

You are investing in your education into training and nutrition. This is knowledge you will have then for the rest of your life and therefore is not an unnecessary expense if you want RESULTS! 😉

So the next time you’re in the gym and you’re not sure or you don’t know PLEASE JUST ASK 😉

Darragh Hayes BBS CPT NCEF
Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Personal Training
The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Dublin

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Summer is here, let’s get RIPPED – Personal Trainer Dublin

In order to get RIPPED for summer you need to first change your method of thinking.

Who doesn’t want to improve on their physique?? I know I always strive to improve my knowledge as a Personal Trainer as well as my body. If you want to get into the best shape you have ever been in in time for summer you first have to change a few things

1. Firstly you have to change the way you think!
2. Secondly the way you eat, your nutrition!
3. Thirdly and last but most certainly not least your training!!!

Changing these three areas are what will get you the very achievable results you so crave! 😉

The number one thing we disregard is the way we think or our attitude. Of course everyone wants the easy way out but in reality it’s just damn hard work, there is no easy way out, but if you want to make losing bodyfat easier which is what everyone wants, then you need to be serious and determined about it and setting your goals in place. Remember that if the way you train and eat doesn’t improve, your physique won’t either.

The main problem I find with training clients is their disregard to take fat loss seriously.

You have to give some serious thought to this so remember that there is one hundred and sixty eight hours in every week for you to make progress and if you only dedicate six of them hours, that still leaves you with one hundred and sixty two hours in which you can progress even further or really make a mess of things.

You really need to sit down and ash yourself this question. Think hard about it and answer honestly. At the end of the day you are only kidding yourself. SO, are you prepared to take your training, the hard work and losing fat seriously? Or do you just want to keep frustrating yourself and keep banging your head off of that brick wall because unless you are dedicated and willing to take these things seriously that’s what you may as well be doing!!! The choice is yours!

Ok well Ive decided to set out several key elements to follow which will enable you to conquer the battle with losing that bodyfat this summer! Here they are –

1: Always have a timeframe in mind and set realistic goals. 😉

In order to achieve you first must believe. Setting out realistic goals and giving yourself a timeframe will set you on your way. Make sure to set out short-term goals, long-term goals and a POA ( plan of action ) Included in this POA should be your training, rest, nutrition

etc . The reason behind this is, as you start to see results and realise that your short term goals are now becoming a reality, your long term goals seem so much more achievable.

2: Educate yourself on nutrition and training.

Firstly you should amass knowledge about training and nutrition by asking as many questions as possible and reading articles from people with a proven track record. By doing this it will give you an insight into different perspectives on what you will need to do to achieve your goals. Everyone wants results right?.. So please don’t just do things for the sake of doing them, you need to have a broadened understanding of why you’re doing it! If needs be call a professional! 😉

3: Put Into Practice What You Learn and Keep An Eye On Your Progression.

Ok you’ve done the homework, asked the questions and read the articles. Now it’s time to take all of that and put it into practice, 100%!!! This is the only way it will work for you. It’s all or nothing, no point in a half hearted effort, you’re wasting your time! Keeping an eye on your progression by monitoring your weight,  measurements, body fat percentage, workout progression by intensity, structured timed training windows and weight you are lifting. Also take before and after pics and see how your clothes fit. These are great ways to gauge your progression.

4: Determination and Patience

You must must be DETERMINED. Determination and drive are two main factors in achieving optimal results. No one can wave a magic wand and make you RIPPED over night, it takes time so you have to be in it for the long haul. This requires patience, Patience is another key factor in getting the desired result you want, the worst thing you can do is give up because of frustration that it’s not happening quickly enough for you. It WILL happen! Give it time 😉

5: You wana look ‘LEAN’ well you gota WEIGHT TRAIN!!!

We all want to be lean and RIPPED right? Not skinny or skinny fat. Believe me there is such a thing. I had one client in particular who by looking at her you would have said she was about 15% bodyfat and in great shape but was shockingly 32% bodyfat! Looks can be deceiving! In order to start the process of getting that ‘Lean / Ripped look you really need to start a resistance training plan using an

amalgamation of free and bodyweight exercises.

6: Fatloss – Learning to Walk before you Run!

Your average Joe is clearly athletically unfit. Most would be nowhere near able to handle intense fat loss training. As I keep saying there are no miracles in fat loss and muscle building just HARD WORK, DETERMINATION, MOTIVATION AND DESIRE. You really have to be in it for the long haul people! By doing this you will have long term progress!

A big problem with a lot of people is they want results overnight, not going to happen I’m afraid. I see too many people going to the gym and trying to too much high intensity  and over training. Over training is extremely beneficial but only and I repeat only if you know what you are doing!!! I do this every so often because it increases strength but it has to be structured. Doing this too often will burn you out and will slow down muscle growth. High intensity cardio is fantastic and a great way to burn bodyfat fast but too much too soon can run you down, you need to graduate this over a period of time in a structured manner to get the best results! 😉

7: Enjoyment in getting RESULTS!

All of the aforementioned is tough tough work but can be extremely enjoyable especially when you start seeing results which you most definitely will! 😉 if you expect results and put in the hard work necessary you WILL achieve, at the end of the day the only thing that will work is hard work! 😉 A defeatest attitude will get you nowhere so sort out your PMA ( positive mental attitude ) and get going. Summer’s already here!  DO IT 🙂

Ripped Summer Body! 🙂

Darragh Hayes BBS CPT NCEF
Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Training
The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio, Temple Bar

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Personal Trainer Dublin – Explosive Shoulder Push Press

This is an explosive fat burning, muscle building exercise. Not only is it working the shoulders but it incorporates your legs(quads, hamstrings, gleuts), arms(triceps) and abs.

This exercise will definitely get your heart pumping and get you into optimum fat burning mode. As well as building muscle at the same time.. That’s what we all want right? 😉

Remember it’s all about athletic explosive movements 😉 the more big muscle groups we incorporate into one movement the harder the body has to work and therefore the more bodyfat you will burn!!! 😉

How to do the exercise –

As always the correct technique is pivotal in getting the utmost benefit from this and any exercise!

So get your arse and chest out keeping the natural curve in your spine, this will keep any pressure off of your lower back and prevent injury 😉

Unrack the bar keeping your bum and chest out and also keeping the knees bent, the bend in the knees will give you the explosive power you will need to get the bar up over your head.

Make sure to lock the bar out once you’ve pressed it over your head! 😉 bring the bar slowly back down to the chest taking the eccentric movement or the negetive, this will ensure optimum tearing of the muscle = muscle growth!!!

Remember to keep the elbows tucked, chest out, arse out an knees bent!..believe me you will feel this in your abs, legs, arms and shoulders!

Repeat five times with weighted or bodyweight chins on the roman chair or maybe some weighted or bodyweight inverted rows, doing this means you are hitting a lot of big muscles at the same time! 🙂

Sets – 4
Reps – 8-10

Inverted row or chins

Sets – 4
Reps – 8-10

for more tips like these on training and nutrition go to my Personal Trainer Dublin website

Darragh Hayes BBS CPT NCEF
Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Personal Training
The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Temple Bar

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Metabolic workout finisher – Personal Trainer Dublin

Do you usually find yourself stuck for an idea for a good workout finisher? Be stuck no more 🙂

I love giving my personal training clients in the ABS Gym finishers at the end of their training sessions! It completely breaks down your muscle fibres at the end of the session and sets your body up for prime fatburning when you’re sitting at home watching tv! Your muscles then have to work even harder to repair and therefore burns more bodyfat in the process..

That’s what we all want right? Well start doing some workout finishers 😉

Give this torturous finisher a try! Obviously as you increase the weight the harder the exercises become but with this I recommend using a lighter weight so it can be done with maximum intensity so then becoming a metabolic fat burning exercise( your goal with this is reps)

There are 5 exercises with ten reps in each so making 50 reps in total for each set. Perform four sets of 50 = 200 reps 🙂

1.The first exercise is a military shoulder press (make sure to keep your chest and butt out keeping the natural curve in your spine)

2. The second is a front squat performed again with high intensity (make sure to keep your elbows up and have your bum nearly touch the floor)

3. The third is the bent over row. Again performed with the chest and butt out keeping the natural curve in the spine.

4. The fourth is a stiff leg deadlift again with the chest and bum out. Make sure to keep the bar close to the Legs with a slight bend in the knee.

5. The fifth is the killer haha – burpees. Everyones favourite at the end of a workout! 🙂


Darragh Hayes
Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Training
The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Dublin

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ABS Circuit Finisher

So what does it take to get the perfect set of ABS?

Can you tell me? Thousands of crunches I hear you saying.. Well I can tell you you’re wrong!!!

The Perfect set of ABS Starts in the kitchen believe it or not! You can do sit ups and crunches for hours per day but unless you drop that bodyfat you wont see anything. The only way of achieving that is through diet firstly and then you can start working on your ABS!

Trust me if you change your “diet” you WILL see your ABS so cut out the bad carbs and sugary foods from your diet, start introducing the “good fats” and you will even without exercise see your bodyfat drop somewhat and therefore you will then be on the “right” road to the perfect set of ABS! 😉

As a personal trainer I am constantly repeating myself about diet to anyone who will listen and not only to my own personal training clients in the ABS Gym.

So onto the video I’ve put together for you…

Here it is, a high intensity fat burning finisher ABS circuit. Remember the more intensely you train, accompanied with a good diet the more FAT you WILL burn!!

The first exercise is called the Russian Twist. Explosively Rotate the Olympic bar from side to side whilst quickly changing your feet with each rotation. Remember not to lower the bar too low on each twist as this will take the intensity off of the abs!

Reps – 10×10 on each side

Sets – x5

Go straight from this into the knee tucks with the ball or you can do the roll outs, whichever you prefer. With the knee tucks keep your upper half up off of the bench and concentrate on crunching the abs by tucking the knees into the chest.

The roll outs are a little more difficult to execute as it requires balance, that will come with repetition and strength. Let the body roll fully extended outwards and pull yourself back in concentrating on using your abs and core muscles as the lever.

Make sure not to bring your legs fully into a vertical position and leave a slight angle as this will keep the intensity on the abs!

Reps – x10
Sets – x5

Darragh Hayes
Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Personal Training
The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Dublin

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How to Squat

Anytime I go to a commercial gym I always end up being asked questions about training and nutrition, which I entice, and the fact that I am a personal trainer helps too but please people not while I’m training!! 🙂 That’s why I hate going to commercial gyms, they’re like zoo’s full of treadmill personal trainers and clients on them! The treadmills that is! haha

Personal Trainer Dublin - Monkey on a treadmill

Please don’t get me wrong I do love being grilled about training and nutrition but not while I am in the middle of my own training hence why I haven’t stepped foot in a commercial gym in over a year! Another thing that annoys me when I step foot in one of those places is squatting on a smith machine… aghhhhhhh… it drives me nuts!

Smith Machine Squats are NOT Recommended

I do not recommend squatting in this machine at all and I see so many people doing it. You know what, I don’t recommend doing anything in this machine other than inverted rows! This restricts the natural movement of your body whilst squatting and you will never get better at the exercise doing it in a smith machine. Trust me! 😉

Yeaaaaahhhhh Buuuuddddyyyy

Who better to learn from but the master that is Former Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman.. yeaaaahhhhh Buddddyyyy

Ain’t nothin but a peanut 🙂 Sorry That’s all I can hear when I see or think of big Ron! and look, not a smith machine in sight!!!

So I decided to do a video of myself Squatting 150kg’s showing the technique involved. It was somewhat proving a point to a few people in the gym who were saying after 4 sets on that weight that I wouldn’t be able to keep my technique! 😉

Of course I proved them all wrong! 🙂

The bar should rest on the traps, head looking upwards for balance, feet shoulder width apart with a slight turn outwards of the feet.

Your bum should nearly hit the floor with each rep. Ass to the grass people 🙂 If you can’t get all of the way down and back up DON’T BE A HERO AND LIGHTEN THE WEIGHT! 😉

Darragh Hayes BBS CPT NCEF

Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Training

The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Dublin

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