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Summer is here, let’s get RIPPED – Personal Trainer Dublin

In order to get RIPPED for summer you need to first change your method of thinking.

Who doesn’t want to improve on their physique?? I know I always strive to improve my knowledge as a Personal Trainer as well as my body. If you want to get into the best shape you have ever been in in time for summer you first have to change a few things

1. Firstly you have to change the way you think!
2. Secondly the way you eat, your nutrition!
3. Thirdly and last but most certainly not least your training!!!

Changing these three areas are what will get you the very achievable results you so crave! 😉

The number one thing we disregard is the way we think or our attitude. Of course everyone wants the easy way out but in reality it’s just damn hard work, there is no easy way out, but if you want to make losing bodyfat easier which is what everyone wants, then you need to be serious and determined about it and setting your goals in place. Remember that if the way you train and eat doesn’t improve, your physique won’t either.

The main problem I find with training clients is their disregard to take fat loss seriously.

You have to give some serious thought to this so remember that there is one hundred and sixty eight hours in every week for you to make progress and if you only dedicate six of them hours, that still leaves you with one hundred and sixty two hours in which you can progress even further or really make a mess of things.

You really need to sit down and ash yourself this question. Think hard about it and answer honestly. At the end of the day you are only kidding yourself. SO, are you prepared to take your training, the hard work and losing fat seriously? Or do you just want to keep frustrating yourself and keep banging your head off of that brick wall because unless you are dedicated and willing to take these things seriously that’s what you may as well be doing!!! The choice is yours!

Ok well Ive decided to set out several key elements to follow which will enable you to conquer the battle with losing that bodyfat this summer! Here they are –

1: Always have a timeframe in mind and set realistic goals. 😉

In order to achieve you first must believe. Setting out realistic goals and giving yourself a timeframe will set you on your way. Make sure to set out short-term goals, long-term goals and a POA ( plan of action ) Included in this POA should be your training, rest, nutrition

etc . The reason behind this is, as you start to see results and realise that your short term goals are now becoming a reality, your long term goals seem so much more achievable.

2: Educate yourself on nutrition and training.

Firstly you should amass knowledge about training and nutrition by asking as many questions as possible and reading articles from people with a proven track record. By doing this it will give you an insight into different perspectives on what you will need to do to achieve your goals. Everyone wants results right?.. So please don’t just do things for the sake of doing them, you need to have a broadened understanding of why you’re doing it! If needs be call a professional! 😉

3: Put Into Practice What You Learn and Keep An Eye On Your Progression.

Ok you’ve done the homework, asked the questions and read the articles. Now it’s time to take all of that and put it into practice, 100%!!! This is the only way it will work for you. It’s all or nothing, no point in a half hearted effort, you’re wasting your time! Keeping an eye on your progression by monitoring your weight,  measurements, body fat percentage, workout progression by intensity, structured timed training windows and weight you are lifting. Also take before and after pics and see how your clothes fit. These are great ways to gauge your progression.

4: Determination and Patience

You must must be DETERMINED. Determination and drive are two main factors in achieving optimal results. No one can wave a magic wand and make you RIPPED over night, it takes time so you have to be in it for the long haul. This requires patience, Patience is another key factor in getting the desired result you want, the worst thing you can do is give up because of frustration that it’s not happening quickly enough for you. It WILL happen! Give it time 😉

5: You wana look ‘LEAN’ well you gota WEIGHT TRAIN!!!

We all want to be lean and RIPPED right? Not skinny or skinny fat. Believe me there is such a thing. I had one client in particular who by looking at her you would have said she was about 15% bodyfat and in great shape but was shockingly 32% bodyfat! Looks can be deceiving! In order to start the process of getting that ‘Lean / Ripped look you really need to start a resistance training plan using an

amalgamation of free and bodyweight exercises.

6: Fatloss – Learning to Walk before you Run!

Your average Joe is clearly athletically unfit. Most would be nowhere near able to handle intense fat loss training. As I keep saying there are no miracles in fat loss and muscle building just HARD WORK, DETERMINATION, MOTIVATION AND DESIRE. You really have to be in it for the long haul people! By doing this you will have long term progress!

A big problem with a lot of people is they want results overnight, not going to happen I’m afraid. I see too many people going to the gym and trying to too much high intensity  and over training. Over training is extremely beneficial but only and I repeat only if you know what you are doing!!! I do this every so often because it increases strength but it has to be structured. Doing this too often will burn you out and will slow down muscle growth. High intensity cardio is fantastic and a great way to burn bodyfat fast but too much too soon can run you down, you need to graduate this over a period of time in a structured manner to get the best results! 😉

7: Enjoyment in getting RESULTS!

All of the aforementioned is tough tough work but can be extremely enjoyable especially when you start seeing results which you most definitely will! 😉 if you expect results and put in the hard work necessary you WILL achieve, at the end of the day the only thing that will work is hard work! 😉 A defeatest attitude will get you nowhere so sort out your PMA ( positive mental attitude ) and get going. Summer’s already here!  DO IT 🙂

Ripped Summer Body! 🙂

Darragh Hayes BBS CPT NCEF
Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Training
The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio, Temple Bar


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Personal Trainer Dublin – Explosive Shoulder Push Press

This is an explosive fat burning, muscle building exercise. Not only is it working the shoulders but it incorporates your legs(quads, hamstrings, gleuts), arms(triceps) and abs.

This exercise will definitely get your heart pumping and get you into optimum fat burning mode. As well as building muscle at the same time.. That’s what we all want right? 😉

Remember it’s all about athletic explosive movements 😉 the more big muscle groups we incorporate into one movement the harder the body has to work and therefore the more bodyfat you will burn!!! 😉

How to do the exercise –

As always the correct technique is pivotal in getting the utmost benefit from this and any exercise!

So get your arse and chest out keeping the natural curve in your spine, this will keep any pressure off of your lower back and prevent injury 😉

Unrack the bar keeping your bum and chest out and also keeping the knees bent, the bend in the knees will give you the explosive power you will need to get the bar up over your head.

Make sure to lock the bar out once you’ve pressed it over your head! 😉 bring the bar slowly back down to the chest taking the eccentric movement or the negetive, this will ensure optimum tearing of the muscle = muscle growth!!!

Remember to keep the elbows tucked, chest out, arse out an knees bent!..believe me you will feel this in your abs, legs, arms and shoulders!

Repeat five times with weighted or bodyweight chins on the roman chair or maybe some weighted or bodyweight inverted rows, doing this means you are hitting a lot of big muscles at the same time! 🙂

Sets – 4
Reps – 8-10

Inverted row or chins

Sets – 4
Reps – 8-10

for more tips like these on training and nutrition go to my Personal Trainer Dublin website

Darragh Hayes BBS CPT NCEF
Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Personal Training
The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Temple Bar

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Personal Trainer Dublin – Workout Finisher Renegade Rows

One of my Clients Marc McQuade performing Renegade Rows. 😉

As you can see in the video poor Marc was bunched after this. It was his fourth set though so I’ll let him away with it! 😉

Renegade Rows is an antagonistic exercise working the chest, back and abs with a push and pull motion. It’s when performing the pulling motion that the abs and core come into play, you need to restrict movement by engaging your core!

I would usually use this as a finisher after a heavy chest and back session.. Click on the link to have a read of Mike Westerdal’s Critical Bench program 🙂

The exercise can be performed with bodyweight for beginners or dumbells for advanced trainers. Simply get into a press up position with the dumbells placed vertically, legs shoulder width apart.

Perform a press up using the dumbells or stability, when coming back up pull one dumbell up keeping the arm and elbow close to the body.

Pull the dumbell up in a slightly rounded motion halfway between the hip and shoulder. Make sure to get dumbell up high enough in order to pinch the lat muscle in the back.

Also keep your bum down and try not to rock your hips. Stability is the key to performing the exercise well in order to get the benefit from it, if you find you are rocking while doing it you probably need to use lighter weights! 😉

Enjoy! 😉

Darragh Hayes BBS CPT NCEF
Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Personal Training
The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Temple Bar

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Personal Trainer Dublin – ABS workout

The first exercise here is easy bar rollouts. The word easy certainly doesn’t make them easy 😉 they ARE tough!! Grab a mat or a towel to cushion your knees whilst doing them otherwise you will have sore knees! 🙂

Ok the exercise 🙂 Get down onto your knees, lean forward and grip the outer dip of the easy bar. Roll the bar forward keeping your hips up in order to protect your back, if you sink your back whilst rolling forward you will feel like you are hurting your lower back so DONT! 🙂

When at the furthest point forward pull the bar back in towards you using your ABS as the lever, don’t bring the bar all of the way in as this will take the intensity off of the abs!

Leave a slight angle in your body making sure to concentrate on crunching the abs. As you can see in this video I went from a kneeling position into almost a vertical standing position when rolling the bar back in, this is for an advanced trainer so just keep your knees on the ground if you’re not too sure.

If you’re still not sure contact or ask a Good Personal Trainer you trust! 😉

Sets – x4
Reps – x10

The second exercise is Real Rows, a great core exercise as it needs balance using all of the core muscles. For beginners just use bodyweight. For advanced use a set of dumbells, I was using 15kgs each side in the video but if you’re trying more than you’re capable of you WON’T get the full benefit from the exercise!! Get into a press up position with a dumbell in each hand keeping your bum down and your hips paralell whilst doing the exercise. Pull the dumbell up directly towards the chest keeping your elbow close to your body while doing this. Repeat this on the other side 🙂

Sets – x4
Reps – 10×10

The third exercise is the plank, we all love this one 🙂 make sure to keep your elbows slightly forward and pull them back towards you putting all of the intensity on the abs, this is a killer at the end!!! 🙂

Sets – 4
1 minute on

Darragh Hayes BBS CPT NCEF
Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Personal Training
The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Temple Bar

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Darragh Hayes Personal Trainer Dublin – Abs Circuit

An Ab circuit you can do at home. Half turkish get ups suppersetted with spiderman climbs, 10 reps on each side x3 times. 😉

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Check out this BadBoy workout -> Chest and Back Training – Darragh Hayes, Personal trainer Dublin

I did this video a few weeks ago. Its a high intensity fat burning workout. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking because it is high intensity you can’t lift heavy weights. The heavier you lift with high intensity the more calories and fat you burn 😉 All of the sets are with an active rest period so virtually no break!!

So let me know what you think of my workout! 😉

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How Social Media Can Improve your business

Using Social Networks Is A Key Method Of Improving Your Business.
Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and corporate blogs have revolutionized the ability of Companies to expand their Marketing base by making the best use of Technology to further the relationship between their Brand and their customers.

Technology favors the young, which is why most social network users are in the 15-40 age demographic, although seniors are also increasingly comfortable in an online capacity, including social networking and both groups represent a substantial degree of purchasing power.

Businesses that utilize social media can realize a vast source of new revenue by employing these technologies to reach new customers and engage existing ones efficiently and economically. social networking can ensure that a business is reaching out to directly to customers, and can effectively tailor information, sales opportunities and initiatives by the most cost effective means possible.

Social network technologies like Twitter and Facebook can be utilized commercially to entice literally millions of consumers exactly the same way they are used socially to interest and attract people to one another.

Engaging Your Customers On A Social Network Can Give Your Company A Strategic Edge.

Social media allows small businesses and large corporations alike to build a more interpersonal relationship with their customers. Whereas formerly consumers might have felt companies to be cold, impersonal bureaucracies, people can now interact and communicate with businesses more directly and with more avenues of contact than ever before.

Technologies that provide customers with direct engagement to any business are invaluable in setting a precedent of availability and response that people find both attractive and comforting, and offers a distinctly human element that best represents a corporate brand.

Social networks are also a successful means of positioning a business as one that is on top of Technological and cultural trends, giving any business a definitive edge over competitors that are not comfortable or aware of the necessity of staying ahead of the curve in an increasingly wired world.

Technology when used correctly can give corporate brands a cool and modern identification that appeals to a sophisticated and web savvy consumer audience. Customers want to have access to the most concise and valuable information available prior to making a purchasing decision, and they want to do it when and how they choose

Technologies that provide innovative and engaging options, especially online, give consumers more ways than ever before to discover those corporate brands that are meeting their needs and stimulating their interest in what they have to offer.

Social media can mean success for any company because they can make a good business even better.

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Another Brilliant killer Session

Forget cardio!! have a go of these — Clean and press with 30 kg dumbells after the split jerks and chins. It’s a fantastic metabollic exercise for optimal fat burning while building lean muscle! 😉

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Split Jerk Shoulder Presses in the ABS Gym Temple Bar

My clients had just left the ABS Gym so I decided to do some damage to myself with split jerk presses supersetted with bodyweight wide grip chins! Check it out — RIPPED 😉

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Photoshoot with David Maury 11/02/10

Photoshoot - David Maury

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