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My Journey in Indonesia up to November 25th

A non training or nutrition blog I wrote while sitting in traffic in Jakarta on my way to the airport to go to Bali…

My journey in Indonesia

It’s November 25th on a hectic night in Indonesia. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed traffic like this in my entire life!!!

I’m sitting in the back of a bluebird taxi on the way to Jakarta Airport. Think I’m coming down with a cold, must be the cold aircon mixed with the 30-40oC humidity! That won’t dampen my spirits though, I’ve Bali to look forward to after all. My second visit in two weeks. I have a somewhat weird conversation with the non English speaking taxi driver, just hope he knows where he’s bringing mr because I haven’t got a clue!!

Ok I’m here, with only an hour to my flight and shit, I’ve only 70,000 rupiahs in my wallet and the taxi fare is 138,000. I use charades to try explain I’m running to an ATM for money and I’ll be back in 5minutes!.. Just hope my luggage is still there when I get back! 🙂

The first definitely wasn’t a vacation, it felt more like a school bootcamp, being told what to do, how to do it, what to wear and how to wear it! Thing is I’m not used to being told what to do and how to do it. Guess it’s being my own boss all of 7-8 years!

I definitely enjoyed Mr International in most parts but not so much in others! The organisation of the event on Nutrifoods part was fantastic! They are a brilliant bunch of people who worked their asses off for the two weeks of the event and put on a great show for the final in Central Park, Jakarta! A huge well done from me guys! 😉

The Singapore organisation who owns the Mr International competition on the other hand I found to be a huge let down! For me and for most people who attended the final, shocked and horrified are the two words that spring to mind at who their choices were for the top 15 to the top 5 contestants and even down to the eventual winner.

I was and am delighted for the winner because he’s a friend of mine but I amongst a lot of other people just can’t understand how this competition was judged and what it was judged on!

I myself could never have won it, the main reason being that I was not willing to pack up and move to Singapore for a year to live with an organisation I dot believe in!.. No thanks!! That mixed with having to lose heaps of muscle, definitely a big NO for me! 😉

You know that saying greatness is created by the pillars of failure or one door closes and two doors open?.. Well I’m an optimist and believe in making your own luck! I know my purpose for coming to Indonesia was not to win that competition but for a completely different reason! A reason probably not at all obvious to anyone else but me.

I have made some fantastic contacts here in Indonesia and have made lifelong friends 🙂 for me that makes me a winner! 😉

So here I am now sitting on my Garuda Indonesia flight to Bali. I’ve made a pact with myself to do at four things there that I have never done before! First one is diving. The rest I’ll figure out along my way! 😉 I might even rent a scooter and drive the length and breath of the island!

See you when I get there! 🙂


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My Prep for Mr International World Competition Indonesia 2010

Mr International World Competition Indonesia 2010

My preparation

It’s been just over two months now that I won the Mr International Ireland competition, and what a time it’s been!

I have been out the door with work and offers from all over the place which is cool! I have also just launched my website Cover Model Body Personal Training which I am extremely excited about.

It’s a membership website packed full of training and nutrition information. Also offers online and one to one Personal Training in the ABS Gym in Temple Bar. 😉

I will have continuous monthly step by step training and nutrition videos for Members plus online coaching for people who are too lazy to get their asses into me in temple bar! 🙂

It’s packed full of brilliant content with lots of free advice and reports so get on over there an sign up for free!!! 😉

So down to my training and diet preparation for the Mr International World competition in Indonesia this November.

Check out their website –>

Not a huge difference with my diet but definitely a difference.. I will explain as you read through 😉 .I have been so busy with work, training and modeling that I have had to eat on to go a lot of the time!

Not the ideal situation for me but as I’ve said to many of my clients before when they ask this question, there’s always a healthy protein filled alternative to a baguette, wrap or a sandwich!

What’s so bad about a salad bowl? If ever I’m out and about and stuck that’s usually my preferred option. I have to say subway salad bowls and meatballs are EPIC! Love em 🙂 We all live on them in the ABS Gym!

So generally my diet is clean and mainly carb and the evil “SUGAR” free except for my one “CHEAT” day a week. I look forward to my cheat day every week.

See a lot people think that I am regimented and like a robot when it comes to my diet but hey I’m human after all!

Of course I love the sugar and fat filled bad stuff just like anyone else but I am dedicated to my training and to my physique so I can put aside the cravings for 6 days in the week.

Did you actually know that a “Cheat Day” is a GOOD thing to do!! You actually burn a lot more bodyfat and burn it quicker by doing it!

Pretty damn cool don’t you think? So yeah that pizza or chocolate cake once a week is definitely a good thing to do. I can hear you asking how?.

Well it’s simple when you know! When you’re on a low carb no sugar diet your metabolism can slow right down so what the “Cheat Day” does is stimulate your metabolism and gives it the kick in the ass it needs to speed right up and burns fat QUICKER! Cool 🙂

Don’t go nuts now and cheat from morning to night because that will defeat the purpose altogether.

You’ve got to structure it properly in such a way that you are manipulating your metabolism and creating an insulin rise in a structured manner.

Taking in too many calories means the excess will just turn to fat! Not cool!!

Always have a calorie deficit day the day before and the day after. This will trick your body into thinking it’s going to get something it craves but will be sorely disappointed thus causing your metabolism to speed right up and burn even MORE FAT even quicker! 😉

It’s also something to look forward to and work towards every week. I sure as hell know I do 🙂 hmmm what will I have this week?? Melted Belgian Chocolate with Profiteroles or banoffee pie.. Yum yum yum 🙂

Anyway enough on cheat days for now, back to my prep for this competition in Indonesia.

The past three weeks have been tough! I started a new program with structured timed training windows so means you’ve feck all rest between sets and also going for 10 reps on all exercises!..

More metabolic training to get me down to my target bodyfat of 6% before I go on the 8th o November 😉 Still lifting heavy though!!

Staying around the 110kg mark for benching and up to 160kgs squatting so don’t think just because you’re training in timed windows you need to drop the weight..

You do if you’re not getting the 10reps though! 😉 I’m also doing track sprint sessions 3/4 times per week. 30/40 yard sprints with 2minute rests in between. I usually do this 10 times! Great for burning fat and working your whole body especially your abs! 😉

Diet is always a tough thing to master and when you’re trying to get from 7.5% bodyfat to 6% in a week and a half it can be very tough.

The reason being is you are constantly in a calorific deficit in order to burn fat. I love eating so it’s definitely a very tough thing for me but I’m doing well!

Mainly staying with lean meat like chicken and greens like broccoli, spinach and salads. My last cheat day before I go was last Sunday so I enjoyed that! Haha I had a Chinese and a rocky road for desert! YUM 🙂

So I’ve six days left now and I’ll continue the way I’m going. I keep updating my Facebook fanpage with pics so keep looking to see how I am progressing over the next few days!.. Indonesia here I come! 🙂

Darragh Hayes BBS CPT NCEF

Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Personal Training

The ABS Gym Temple Bar, Dublin 2

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Just Ask…

I love my job as a Personal Trainer. I am forever telling people to just “Ask for help”..

Its great to see the health and fitness industry in Ireland growing. The public gyms are packed and people seem to be taking better care of themselves…

Well they are trying…

You see, the odds are stacked against you.

Most of the people in the gym that are in decent shape or are experienced trainees are performing advanced exercises.

Then novice trainees enter the gym and see the advanced exercises and deem them suitable for them

i.e they jump in the deep end…

Little do they know, in order to get to that level the experienced trainee didn’t start doing his/her current programme. And you shouldn’t start doing his/her current programme either… you need a beginners programme. 😉

Whether you want to gain muscle or lose fat you have to take into consideration that YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT TRAINING.. DON’T DO THE USUAL MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO!! If need be GET A PERSONAL TRAINER

Its true…

Would you just jump in a car and go driving?

NO, you would hire a driving instructor…

Would you jump in a swimming pool, having never learned to swim?

NO…. You would hire a ………..? Exactly you see where I’m going with this right?

Do you want to look like this in the gym?

Didn’t think so…

If you want to make serious progress in the gym and really take your body to the next level you need to

1. Stop copying the eejit in the corner doing tricep kick backs 🙂 I love them haha 😀

2. Drop the ego and ask someone who knows more than you.

Hire a professional such as a Personal Trainer 😉

3. Don’t be embarrassed! It’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. If you don’t know you don’t know!

It’s better than spending all of that time in the gym, getting no results and growing continually frustrated. Ultimately people then get so fed up that they quit! 😦

We all had to start somewhere! I didn’t just wake up one day with this physique!

It took time, perseverance, determination and the WANT to learn, to improve, so I asked people that knew more than me.. At the time! Ha 🙂

It really gets to me when I hear people say, “I train so hard and I’ve trained for so long but I just don’t see the results I want!…

Hmmm I wonder why?

Because you train like an antelope! Doing stupid exercises that make no sense and then spending an hour on a treadmill..

I often say to myself come on people have you no common sense.. Stop saying “why am I getting no results” and then go and continually do the same idiotic things in the gym!


For instance only last week I see some guy on a standing calf raise machine doing squats and then gets off holding his lower back in pain!.. Grrrrrrrrr..

I just wanted to shout at him and say please stop making an idiot out of yourself! I didn’t of course 🙂
but I would have gladly helped him if he JUST ASKED! 😉

This is why going to someone like a personal trainer is not a cost or an expense.

Don’t get me wrong it isn’t cheap but at the end of the day, is it results you want right?? or do you just want to continue with the monkey see monkey do attitude?

I didn’t think so!

You are investing in your education into training and nutrition. This is knowledge you will have then for the rest of your life and therefore is not an unnecessary expense if you want RESULTS! 😉

So the next time you’re in the gym and you’re not sure or you don’t know PLEASE JUST ASK 😉

Darragh Hayes BBS CPT NCEF
Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Personal Training
The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Dublin

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Do As I Say Not As I Do

My other breakfast haha

My breakfast omelette 🙂

Do As I Say Not As I Do

What a weekend myself and my good mate and fellow Personal Trainer Bryan Kavanagh just had over in Marbella. Just a four day break but in heinsight it was probably enough for the pair of us! I think we’d about 8hours sleep all weekend :-O

Most think that the pair of us wouldn’t know how to really let loose and enjoy ourselves in regards to taking a break from training and relaxing on our diets but believe me you are sincerely mistaken. This weekend was messy 🙂

Boy did we enjoy ourselves, we didn’t see the inside of a gym nor did we restrict ourselves to the likes of salads, meats and veg.

We did try for the first day with a salad when we arrived in Malaga and a few omelletes here and there but to be honest the diet was pretty horrible, we behaved like a pair of antelopes 🙂 but we can because we know how our metabolisms work. We know what our bodies can handle and what we can get away with. 😀

For instance on Sunday our diets consisted of two late coffees and two Maxi Bon ice creams while sitting on the beach both 388kcals each :-O the reason I’m telling you this is simply because I want to show you that it’s not all torture and you don’t have to stop eating the things you love, but you’ve got to work hard enough to be able to deserve it! 🙂

Obviously because we’ve been training so long and are strict on our diets we can get away with splurging like we just did but most people won’t so I’m going to tell you what you can do to be able to enjoy yourself but not put on those extra unwanted holiday pounds 🙂

Substitute the bad for the good.. 😉 I’m by no means saying not to go and enjoy yourself, it’s your holidays after all but I hear the same thing constantly when people come back to the gym after holidays, why did I do that, I feel horrible, I ate too much crap!..

Why do it then? I just don’t get it. You know what you’re putting into your body when you’re doing it but it still doesn’t seem to stop you! Remember little changes while you’re away can make all of the difference!..

Well here’s how to do it

# Instead of chips have a side salad

# Don’t mix sugar and fats ie don’t have a desert after a fatty meal, if you want something sugary have it on it’s own, mixing sugars and fats is one if the worst things you can do and people do it constantly! You’re body can’t break down the sugar after a fatty meal and therefore immediately stores as fat! Not what you want right??

# Have chocolate, ice cream or anything sugary on it’s own 😉

# Have meat or chicken instead of pizza

# Have an omelette instead of a fry

# Drink plenty of water

# Have diet coke or coke zero instead of coke

# Have sweetener in your coffee instead of sugar

# Have a coffee instead of a late

# Have ‘Surface’ veg instead of ‘Root’ veg.. ie, broccoli, peppers etc

# If you’re gona have fruit have low sugar fruit such as berries 😉

# Drink spirits with a diet mixer instead of BEER 😉

# At the end of a night out don’t have pizza or a burger, get a chicken or lamb kebab without the wrap!.. It’s yum and its what we did all weekend!

When you get home give me a call and contact your Personal Trainer Dublin today 😉

Darragh Hayes
Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Personal Training

The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Temple Bar Dublin 2.

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How to Squat

Anytime I go to a commercial gym I always end up being asked questions about training and nutrition, which I entice, and the fact that I am a personal trainer helps too but please people not while I’m training!! 🙂 That’s why I hate going to commercial gyms, they’re like zoo’s full of treadmill personal trainers and clients on them! The treadmills that is! haha

Personal Trainer Dublin - Monkey on a treadmill

Please don’t get me wrong I do love being grilled about training and nutrition but not while I am in the middle of my own training hence why I haven’t stepped foot in a commercial gym in over a year! Another thing that annoys me when I step foot in one of those places is squatting on a smith machine… aghhhhhhh… it drives me nuts!

Smith Machine Squats are NOT Recommended

I do not recommend squatting in this machine at all and I see so many people doing it. You know what, I don’t recommend doing anything in this machine other than inverted rows! This restricts the natural movement of your body whilst squatting and you will never get better at the exercise doing it in a smith machine. Trust me! 😉

Yeaaaaahhhhh Buuuuddddyyyy

Who better to learn from but the master that is Former Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman.. yeaaaahhhhh Buddddyyyy

Ain’t nothin but a peanut 🙂 Sorry That’s all I can hear when I see or think of big Ron! and look, not a smith machine in sight!!!

So I decided to do a video of myself Squatting 150kg’s showing the technique involved. It was somewhat proving a point to a few people in the gym who were saying after 4 sets on that weight that I wouldn’t be able to keep my technique! 😉

Of course I proved them all wrong! 🙂

The bar should rest on the traps, head looking upwards for balance, feet shoulder width apart with a slight turn outwards of the feet.

Your bum should nearly hit the floor with each rep. Ass to the grass people 🙂 If you can’t get all of the way down and back up DON’T BE A HERO AND LIGHTEN THE WEIGHT! 😉

Darragh Hayes BBS CPT NCEF

Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Training

The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Dublin

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