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Personal Trainer Dublin – 5 Minute Six Pack ABS Workout

This is a fantastic Abdominal and core exercise! This engages your transverse abdomini (in other words your core) and abs into action working on strength and stability 😉

If you want to get your overall strength and stability up including six pack abs I would suggest doing this as a supplement exercise at least 3 times per week! 😉

Ok how to perform the exercise –

For a novice or beginner maybe start off with five 2.5 kg plates but for more advanced use 3×2.5kg, 4x5kg and 1x10kg..

Pile the weights either on the left or right side of you before you start. There are a few variations which I will do a few videos of another time! 😉

Make sure to keep your bum up a little so as not to put pressure on your lower back while doing the exercise.

Also try not to rock your hips while performing the exercise. The more stable you keep your body the better results you will get from the exercise 😉 As a personal trainer I am always emphasizing this to my personal training clients in the ABS Gym Personal Training Studio in Temple Bar.

Try time yourself each time you do the exercise so you can try beat your previous time! 🙂

As you can see it’s as simple as passing the plates across from one side to the other but it’s such an effective exercise!

For more cool training videos on how to get the best six pack abs log onto my website and sign up for FRE.E

Also check out my blog on my website for more tips on training, nutrition and personal training services in my Gym in Temple Bar;-)

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Personal Trainer Dublin Bicep Workout

This is a great way to finish of the biceps at the end of a session! The reason being is you are restricted in your movement and therefore you don’t swing your body to get the bar up when you start to fatigue! 😉 cool eh?

So grab a mat and a barbell and give it a go! You’ll love it!.. I know I do!.. It’s actually torturous! Haha

What you can also do to mix it up a little is do 3 different sets of partial reps..

So from the peak of the bicep curl down to halfway.. Reps x 5

Then let your arms fully extend and go halfway up.. Reps x 5

Then full reps to failure! = torture 🙂

For more cool personal trainer dublin tips on training and nutrition go to my website and check out my blog!

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My Journey in Indonesia up to November 25th

A non training or nutrition blog I wrote while sitting in traffic in Jakarta on my way to the airport to go to Bali…

My journey in Indonesia

It’s November 25th on a hectic night in Indonesia. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed traffic like this in my entire life!!!

I’m sitting in the back of a bluebird taxi on the way to Jakarta Airport. Think I’m coming down with a cold, must be the cold aircon mixed with the 30-40oC humidity! That won’t dampen my spirits though, I’ve Bali to look forward to after all. My second visit in two weeks. I have a somewhat weird conversation with the non English speaking taxi driver, just hope he knows where he’s bringing mr because I haven’t got a clue!!

Ok I’m here, with only an hour to my flight and shit, I’ve only 70,000 rupiahs in my wallet and the taxi fare is 138,000. I use charades to try explain I’m running to an ATM for money and I’ll be back in 5minutes!.. Just hope my luggage is still there when I get back! 🙂

The first definitely wasn’t a vacation, it felt more like a school bootcamp, being told what to do, how to do it, what to wear and how to wear it! Thing is I’m not used to being told what to do and how to do it. Guess it’s being my own boss all of 7-8 years!

I definitely enjoyed Mr International in most parts but not so much in others! The organisation of the event on Nutrifoods part was fantastic! They are a brilliant bunch of people who worked their asses off for the two weeks of the event and put on a great show for the final in Central Park, Jakarta! A huge well done from me guys! 😉

The Singapore organisation who owns the Mr International competition on the other hand I found to be a huge let down! For me and for most people who attended the final, shocked and horrified are the two words that spring to mind at who their choices were for the top 15 to the top 5 contestants and even down to the eventual winner.

I was and am delighted for the winner because he’s a friend of mine but I amongst a lot of other people just can’t understand how this competition was judged and what it was judged on!

I myself could never have won it, the main reason being that I was not willing to pack up and move to Singapore for a year to live with an organisation I dot believe in!.. No thanks!! That mixed with having to lose heaps of muscle, definitely a big NO for me! 😉

You know that saying greatness is created by the pillars of failure or one door closes and two doors open?.. Well I’m an optimist and believe in making your own luck! I know my purpose for coming to Indonesia was not to win that competition but for a completely different reason! A reason probably not at all obvious to anyone else but me.

I have made some fantastic contacts here in Indonesia and have made lifelong friends 🙂 for me that makes me a winner! 😉

So here I am now sitting on my Garuda Indonesia flight to Bali. I’ve made a pact with myself to do at four things there that I have never done before! First one is diving. The rest I’ll figure out along my way! 😉 I might even rent a scooter and drive the length and breath of the island!

See you when I get there! 🙂

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