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ABS Circuit Finisher

So what does it take to get the perfect set of ABS?

Can you tell me? Thousands of crunches I hear you saying.. Well I can tell you you’re wrong!!!

The Perfect set of ABS Starts in the kitchen believe it or not! You can do sit ups and crunches for hours per day but unless you drop that bodyfat you wont see anything. The only way of achieving that is through diet firstly and then you can start working on your ABS!

Trust me if you change your “diet” you WILL see your ABS so cut out the bad carbs and sugary foods from your diet, start introducing the “good fats” and you will even without exercise see your bodyfat drop somewhat and therefore you will then be on the “right” road to the perfect set of ABS! 😉

As a personal trainer I am constantly repeating myself about diet to anyone who will listen and not only to my own personal training clients in the ABS Gym.

So onto the video I’ve put together for you…

Here it is, a high intensity fat burning finisher ABS circuit. Remember the more intensely you train, accompanied with a good diet the more FAT you WILL burn!!

The first exercise is called the Russian Twist. Explosively Rotate the Olympic bar from side to side whilst quickly changing your feet with each rotation. Remember not to lower the bar too low on each twist as this will take the intensity off of the abs!

Reps – 10×10 on each side

Sets – x5

Go straight from this into the knee tucks with the ball or you can do the roll outs, whichever you prefer. With the knee tucks keep your upper half up off of the bench and concentrate on crunching the abs by tucking the knees into the chest.

The roll outs are a little more difficult to execute as it requires balance, that will come with repetition and strength. Let the body roll fully extended outwards and pull yourself back in concentrating on using your abs and core muscles as the lever.

Make sure not to bring your legs fully into a vertical position and leave a slight angle as this will keep the intensity on the abs!

Reps – x10
Sets – x5

Darragh Hayes
Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Personal Training
The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Dublin


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How to Squat

Anytime I go to a commercial gym I always end up being asked questions about training and nutrition, which I entice, and the fact that I am a personal trainer helps too but please people not while I’m training!! 🙂 That’s why I hate going to commercial gyms, they’re like zoo’s full of treadmill personal trainers and clients on them! The treadmills that is! haha

Personal Trainer Dublin - Monkey on a treadmill

Please don’t get me wrong I do love being grilled about training and nutrition but not while I am in the middle of my own training hence why I haven’t stepped foot in a commercial gym in over a year! Another thing that annoys me when I step foot in one of those places is squatting on a smith machine… aghhhhhhh… it drives me nuts!

Smith Machine Squats are NOT Recommended

I do not recommend squatting in this machine at all and I see so many people doing it. You know what, I don’t recommend doing anything in this machine other than inverted rows! This restricts the natural movement of your body whilst squatting and you will never get better at the exercise doing it in a smith machine. Trust me! 😉

Yeaaaaahhhhh Buuuuddddyyyy

Who better to learn from but the master that is Former Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman.. yeaaaahhhhh Buddddyyyy

Ain’t nothin but a peanut 🙂 Sorry That’s all I can hear when I see or think of big Ron! and look, not a smith machine in sight!!!

So I decided to do a video of myself Squatting 150kg’s showing the technique involved. It was somewhat proving a point to a few people in the gym who were saying after 4 sets on that weight that I wouldn’t be able to keep my technique! 😉

Of course I proved them all wrong! 🙂

The bar should rest on the traps, head looking upwards for balance, feet shoulder width apart with a slight turn outwards of the feet.

Your bum should nearly hit the floor with each rep. Ass to the grass people 🙂 If you can’t get all of the way down and back up DON’T BE A HERO AND LIGHTEN THE WEIGHT! 😉

Darragh Hayes BBS CPT NCEF

Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Training

The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Dublin

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Darragh Hayes Personal Trainer Dublin – Abs Circuit

An Ab circuit you can do at home. Half turkish get ups suppersetted with spiderman climbs, 10 reps on each side x3 times. 😉

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